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Growing your B2B sales is a science and we have identified 49 parameters that allow us to accelerate your sales efforts while fully managing the process. 

What We Do

We fundamentally believe most companies struggle with attracting new customers because they don’t have a sound, predictable Market Dominance strategy. This sound strategy starts with knowing all the channels you can possibly allocate resources to grow revenue.

Outbound Sales

List Generation
Account Management


Content Strategy
Website Development
LinkedIn Lead Generation
Branding Design
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Fractional CSO
Training your Team
Operational Systems

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82% of businesses fail due to low revenue

82% of businesses fail due to low revenue, and their inability to build a sustainable sales team and systems. These businesses waste 67% of their marketing & sales budget targeting the wrong leads, using the wrong channels and hiring the wrong people.

Branch 49 is sales acceleration software and service that uses AI to score leads based on their preferred contact channels, while also dedicating a sales team to perform top-of-funnel and full-stack revenue generation. This helps businesses such as Splunk, Orca Security, Comcast, and Nextiva reach revenue goals 5-times faster & 3-time more cost effective than doing it in-house.

Outbound Calls
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Happy Clients
Team Size
Hiring an SDR team is ineffective and expensive.

Hiring successful SDRs is one of the biggest challenges companies face when trying to scale. Sales is the heartbeat of any business. We’ve all heard it before. You can have the best product in the world, but if your sales team sucks, you’ll get nowhere.

Full Stack sales services

Complete sales operation from lead generation to account management.

Lead Generation

Product Demostrations

Scripting & copy

Account Management

Outbound Calling

Sales Consulting

Our Weapon of Choice

There is one tool in the sales and marketing stack that continues to be the most fruitful in converting a list of prospects to customers in your journey to Market Dominance: The Cold Call.

Yet most organizations shun this technique at scale and would prefer to overspend on meetings and pipeline by using expensive and impersonal inbound digital tools. These tools have a place for sure, yet humans still require trust to move forward. And there is nothing that can move the trust needle more than a novel, intrigue-driven, and status heavy conversation performed by a professional.

The mission of Branch49 is generating these trust conversations at scale to assist a company on their path to Market Dominance.

The three keys in Sales
  1. You have to hold conversations
  2. You need a disciplined and repeatable process (you’re actually going through a “sorting” process…rejection is sales and sales is just “search”…just like when you use Google!)
  3. You have to close. This is hard and you have to act when it’s the proper time. All closing really is, “Should we do something next?”

So…a Repeatable Process or Luck…those are the only two methodologies a business can use.

Why Choose Branch 49?

The pioneer marketer of our time, David Ogilvy, was fond of saying, “Don’t hire a dog then bark yourself.” For early stage companies, putting qualified folks in front of your sales team means that the majority of their time will be invested in scouring generic lead databases for seemingly qualified prospects at woefully low connect rates in the 3% range, hounding 2nd and 3rd degree connections for meetings through LinkedIn, and sifting through call lists hoping to get a few precious direct or mobile numbers.

Now that certainly sounds a little like barking to us!

Instead, how about scheduling qualified prospects on your rep’s calendars so they spend time on what they are best at – pitching and closing…and less on time consuming and morale-sucking prospecting.