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Companies partner with us to better understand their product-market fit, de-risk their entry into new markets and growth initiatives, and dramatically increase commercial opportunities through our Go-To-Market and Smart Sales programs.

Trusted and selected by top Fortune 500 companies.

100s of organizations have trusted Branch 49 to generate qualified leads and drive sales engagement.

Beyond your sales team

B2B Sales Services

Building a sales pipeline is critical for the success of any business.
We developed the proprietary processes & technologies to accelerate lead generation & put you in touch with decision makers.

We are an extension of your sales organization

Your Sales Team Should Be Closing, and We Will Keep Them Busy.

Our processes enable companies to have highly targeted, sophisticated multi-channel campaigns designed and executed at scale.

We’ve perfected sales development and outreach to help B2B companies funnel qualified prospects into their sales teams and have qualified product conversation.

We believe that smart sales are better and we constantly optimize and refine our approach using powerful proprietary software to bring qualified appointments to your organization, consistently

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Set Your Business Up for Success

A normal adult is inundated with 5,000 to 10,000 ads and marketing campaigns every single day. How can your sales or marketing message stand out?

82% of businesses currently fail due to insufficient and inconsistent generation of revenue.

Failing businesses waste 67% of their S&M budget targeting wrong leads, using wrong channels, and hiring the wrong people.

The average rep has a 1.48% chance of a positive outcome from a typical cold call.

Our Partners

Unified Communications as a Service

How a Top Tiered UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) Provider achieved a 9.8x return in channel marketing spend

Branch 49 partnered with a top-tiered UCaaS provider and assisted over 60 of their nationwide channel partners to boost prospect meetings and funnel net new business wins. The Top 10 Channel Partners, specifically, saw nearly a 10x increase in win activity over 12 months.

Total Meetings set
Qualified Channel Reseller Partner Meetings Shown/”Pitches” Performed

Raving Reviews

Our clients appreciate our process and  brag about it.

"What can be said about Branch49 that hasn't already been said!? They are a unique and refreshing team in a sea of typical and predictive people. I appreciate Branch49's positive attitude towards everything they and I have accomplished. Their confident and trusting demeanor is exhibited in every interaction. The team is a group of true and polished professionals blessed with positive energy and that not only exude competency, but deliver on every promise."

Mark Walick
Senior Manager at Google

"I have been using Branch 49 for a couple of years now and they have led us to some of our favorite and highest revenue customers. Their professional team helped us focus our target audience and script a fantastic product introduction that set dozens of strong, first meetings, which led to stronger demos and shorter sales cycles. The Branch49 team is always well versed in our product, well noted, and has a unique talent in making potential customers want to engage with us. We never got that with any other (often offshore) lead generation services. Highly Recommend!"

Matt Petters
CEO at Customer First Communications

“Branch49 did an outstanding job in assessing the situation, making recommendations, and reorganizing the group for effectiveness and efficiency resulting in more revenue. They are truly one of the few professionals who understand how to scale an insides sales organization and the metrics that are required to effectuate results. I would highly recommend Branch49 for any company looking to improve in sales.”

Jerry Nine
COO at Skillsoft

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